Sunday, December 19, 2010

typical humans

Most of us just love freebies. We take free stuff despite the fact that we don't really need it. We bring it home, and throw it aside to collect dust. After a few years, it will become rubbish.

Just like the X'mas party I attended. I received a free mug and a Santa hat. I bought them home, and up till today I have not touched them. Strange. That night, a guy dressed in Santa Claus costume was throwing a whole bunch of Santa hats towards a delirious crowd, which I was a part of. As the Santa hats were catapulted into the air, the same notion ran through everyone's mind-- I MUST get the Santa hat.

But do I really need the hat? I saw some adults carrying a five of six Santa hats, while some had none.

Before that, I was queuing up to receive a door gift. Each registered family is entitled for one door gift. Upon registration, each family will receive a red coupon as proof of registration.
Man behind me: Need coupon ah? No need larh!
(muffled sounds)

Not long after.....
Man behind me: Register my name lah, can get one more gift!

I thought, hey, do you really need that much? Earth's resources are limited after all.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

About the sea shells

1. I'm not defending nor criticizing la -las.

2. I do not approve la -la fashion, but that doesn't mean I have to criticize it.

--Well, since they love stripes, let them be. Who are we to discriminate them? This is their preference. You can't guarantee everyone loves your sense of style anyway.

3. However, the way la- las conduct themselves is intolerable to me.

---- Some people may not dress like la -las, but they act like them.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

a knife tossed.

Dear blog,

Guess I'm only writing to you since my blogspot is as lonely as a desert.

Today I just received an (unexpected) mail.
Oh well, before I begin the story, I have been quite upset these few days because my holiday plans are canceled, and I'm sealed in boredom.
Hence, the absolutely cynical me is up to do something naughty.

To tell the truth, everything would have been WAY BETTER if I was off to Penang. Now, since I'm stuck here at home, I'm up to no good. I feel like picking up a sharp razor knife and stab someone. (note, not physically. I anyone gets killed, it's not my fault).

So on this fine day, I received this mail which has driven my evil mind kicking alive:
(details of sender and the rest of the recipients are confidential)

As most of you may have thought, for the (censored) this (censored), we will do a post mortem of the recent (censored). While this is necessary, I hope we would not spend the entire time discussing this. One way to make most of the meeting is to punctual and come prepared to share.
Hopefully we can spend the first half meeting for this and then for the remaining time, it would be good we can have as many (censored) ones as possible to give short (censored) testimony on how they have experienced (censored) throughout the camp preparation. This would certainly encourage and build one another.

some parts are just too sensitive, I had to censor them.
This is just an extract. While it may be inspiring for some, I choose not to reply.
I can't believe I'm doing this. Evil is controlling me.

What have I experienced, oh please. I have not seen this coming, and I'm not even a bit prepared for this. I was expecting to be away. AWAY.

I don't want this! This is so disturbing. What did I experience? Fact is, I mentally drafted it weeks ago. However, it will be too shocking for them to handle.

My testimony here is, there were a lot of helpers. (neutral statement) This means HR did a wonderful job (positive statement). However, this also means there are people like me who practically stoned the whole day, (negative statement) . And what I really mean is, I know I have not been involved in the preparation, but I don't really regret it (shocking). I didn't feel useful at all (very shocking) and I want to quit the service. (Super shocking)

Two words: coordination problem.
But I don't think THAT would be appropriate. Who am I to say anyway?

Monday, November 15, 2010

absolutely cynical has become ALIVE. again.

i know not many people pay a visit to my pathetic, lonely blog nowadays, so today i'm going to blog something i only shared with a friend called me.

note, I'm not complaining about charity work.

okay, first of all, I APOLOGISE for my absence during the last fellowship (when was it anyway?). Reason, I was doing community service in Kuantan (in which I felt more useful). That's why I was lost, confused and left out on (not mine) YOUR big day.

I experienced the so-called age gap. Look here guys, I know I'm still stuck in high school, (with all the lousy facilities,) but today marked the end point of my form four journey, and I'm another step closer to being a CAMPUS student.

I grew up, okay.

Dear 'Old people' (you know who)
I know you are older than me. You have attained adequate experience in blah blah blah, and I do not deny your superiority in blarh blarh blarh, nor am I trying to rebel against you.

But, I feel like you are excluding me from everything. Look, one day you will ALL grow OLD and that is the time YOUNG PEOPLE will have to take over, even outshine you until you go blind.

I'm young, inexperienced and lost. I'm young, just because I'm younger than you guys are. I am inexperienced, because of the years I have used to invest in my education, which I thought was my life. Now I have unwrapped myself, ever ready to absorb new things in. Did you notice that?
I'm lost, because you guys treat me like I'm dead.

No, I did not receive updates as requested, or even promised. Maybe it was wrong for me to wait for someone to send me the latest updates. Remember the time I stayed back for the little meeting with four of you?

Come to think of it, that meeting was held for the sake for something-- nothing.

But, I did not go for community service in Kuantan for nothing.

As usual, before I sign off, I admit that I am wrong for harboring such bitter feelings towards you guys, when I was still an immature and irresponsible young kid? Maybe writing this post is a serious mistake too. But nobody's perfect after all.

Rou En
The absolutely cynical

ps. i will repent for my sins. you?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010



Time to throw away those boring reference books aside, it's time to bask in OUR youth, something we have been deprived of since the existence of school assessments.


for someone like me who loses track of time during school, I packed up my things and left when I saw everyone doing so. Completely oblivious that it was still 1.30pm, I walked towards the back gate.

I was only supposed to leave at 2.10, and I had no idea that I subconsciously skipped class. Than I was told that the school made an abrupt decision that students are allowed to leave at 1.30.

Was that so?

What on earth happened to me, I wonder?

Thursday, June 10, 2010

MOM what do you wanna eat?

I'm bringing SEXY DUCK back tonight!!! ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

Because i was so tired of studying, i took random pictures

whole pile of work undone.


See that? Do you see any similarities?

I hate people who waste their time clicking away that stupid camera button. What's so nice about it?

They pose in front of the camera like idiots, washing their time down the drain. Problem is, I find it hard to explore that complex little nutbrain in them, trying to figure out why cam whoring is as addictive as nicotine.

Sources claim that they get instant gratification. But I don't. It is ANNOYING. I have nothing against people taking pictures, but if they begin clicking away that camera button for the 20th time, that's cam whoring. It's the third sin after Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber.

If you can't accept the painful fact that you're NOT photogenic, cam whoring isn't the last alternative you must or should resort to. For example, me. I'm not photogenic, that's why I avoid taking unnecessary pictures.

Define the term 'necessary'. Facebook is rife with stupid youngsters cam whoring in toilets. Is that necessary? Is it necessary to have the same picture all over your photo album? Are you trying to appeal your stalkers?

Are you living in the delusion that people are obsessed with you?